Monday, July 20, 2009

Mr. Brooks...A Better Tomorrow - Mavado

Mr. Brooks...A Better Tomorrow

According to
A reggae singer influenced by the likes of Bounty Killer and Cutty Ranks, David Constantine Brooks, aka Mavado, was born and raised in one of Kingston, Jamaica's more dangerous ghettos, Cassava Piece.

1. David's Psalm - Dudley "Grincha" Excell, Mavado
2. Every Situation
3. On the Rock
4. So Blessed
5. So Special
6. Life of a G
7. Welcome to the Armegedeon - Dudley "Grincha" Excell, Mavado
8. Gangster Don't Play
9. Real Killer (No Chorus)
10. Chiney K
11. Jailhouse
12. Don't Worry
13. Money Changer
14. Money
15. In di Car Back
16. Which Gal
17. Overcome


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