Friday, November 27, 2009

Bob Marley: B Is For Bob

B Is For Bob

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Mp3 Track List

1. Three Little Birds 3:21
2. Redemption Song 3:47
3. Wake Up And Live - Pt. 1 4:26
4. Bend Down Low 3:34
5. Lively Up Yourself 5:11
6. Jamming 4:26
7. Small Axe 4:23
8. One Love / People Get Ready 2:53
9. Satisfy My Soul 4:31
10. Could You Be Loved 3:57
11. Stir It Up 2:54
12. High Tide Or Low Tide 4:42

One reviewer at said;
I heard an interview ziggy did about this cd, and it rang so true! he said that he wanted this cd to sound like it was just bob singing to you--no tracks, no big backround sound. it is really a great angle on music we have loved for many years. clean, simple, honest, straightforward--like it was just you and bob! a very nice treatment of bobs music.....and i dont even have any kids!

Bob Marley

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